Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, Arizona, Is the Hair Loss Clinic of Choice – Featuring PRP Therapy for Treating Hair Loss

Gilbert, AZ – Atlas Health Medical Group offers non-surgical solutions for men and women experiencing hair loss. The clinic treats hair loss caused by genetic factors, age, pregnancy, and androgenic and alopecia problems. They provide platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections that stimulate natural hair regrowth in the affected areas. This treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and works by fastening the hair restoration rate in the hair follicles. The results are natural looking with a short recovery period. 

The duration of the treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition, among other factors. PRP therapy for Hair Loss strengthens thinning hair and deters further hair loss. Atlas Health Medical Group customizes the treatments to the patient’s hair needs to ensure they get the best treatment options. The physicians identify these needs during a free consultation session to ensure patients only make payments after determining whether they are eligible for the procedure that adds volume and fullness to thinning areas. 

The hair loss clinic in Gilbert, AZ takes patients through a predefined process to regenerate their hair follicles. In the initial stage, physicians draw blood from the patient and separate the platelets from the centrifuge before re-injecting the blood into the affected areas. It may take several appointments for complete regeneration. However, a physician will educate the patient on the procedure and how long it may take and answer any related queries. The physician will also routinely monitor progress to ensure the therapy works as intended. 

This clinic offers a modern facility equipped with advanced equipment and technologies. They have invested much in innovation to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and patient outcomes. The staff comprises trained and experienced health professionals who use a patient-centered approach in service delivery. They focus on meeting patients’ needs and creating a friendly, relaxing environment. 

A quote from the clinic website states this about their services, 

“Hair loss is experienced individually and individual results vary. This is because there are several genetic factors associated with hair loss. Some people start losing hair early in their late teens experiencing rapid hair loss, while others may not start until their thirties and see decades of slow hair loss. Everyone responds to PRP therapy differently and our doctors will help evaluate your treatment options.”

Besides PRP injection for hair loss, Atlas Health Medical Group offers other services like hormone replacement. They provide natural PCOS treatment, general PRP, and stem cell alternatives. Clients can get assistance if they need microneedling and natural IV therapy services.

For consultation and booking, contact the staff at (480) 648-1534. Visit the clinic website for more information on their PRP injection treatments for hair loss. Atlas Health Medical Group is located at 1447 W Elliot Rd #103, Gilbert, AZ, 85233, US.

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