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H.K. Dog Training trains dogs using positive reinforcement methods that are effective and enjoyable for the dog and its owner. The staff collaborates with dog owners, advising them on reinforcing the dog’s new behaviors at home. 

H.K. Dog Training trains dogs of all types, breeds, and ages using the most compassionate methods possible. The dog trainer offers obedience training, board and train, puppy training, and boarding services using positive reinforcement methods that are effective and enjoyable for the dog and its owner. Each session is tailored to a dog’s unique training needs for positive behavior modification. 

The company’s board-and-train program is among its most intensive and fruitful programs. Each dog gets one-on-one attention from a trainer at the company’s facility. The dog stays away from home for at least two weeks to minimize distractions that could deter their progress. This training focuses on teaching the dog obedience to command, manners, and other useful behaviors. The goal is to eliminate unwanted behavior like chewing, nuisance barking, leash pulling, digging, and jumping. By the end of the training, the dog will have learned leash manners, sit, down, come, heel, release, attention, and place. 

H.K. Dog Training provides puppy training to dogs aged 6 months and below. This training dwells on the crucial socialization skills the puppy needs at this age. The puppy learns how to interact with other dogs and humans. Some focus areas include potty training, chewing, biting, and leash manners. The program eliminates possible fear and aggression common among dogs not trained during this developmental stage. 

This dog trainer offers boarding services to clients who need someone to look after their dogs for a period of time. The dog boarding service includes safe and clean sleeping units for dogs under constant care and supervision. The company has caregivers who ensure the dog is fed, cleaned and walked for optimal health. 

H.K. Dog Training has staff with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Their trainers meet dogs’ general and special training needs, including those unique to service and competing dogs. The staff is friendly and keeps owners constantly updated on the progress of the training. Their trainers also collaborate with dog owners, advising them on reinforcing the dog’s new behaviors at home. 

A quote from the company website states this about their services, 

“We offer balanced training that utilizes new age ideas that allow us to mold and groom dogs’ behavior. Using positive whenever available and negative when we must. Showing the dog how their decisions are what lead to the end result (wanted or unwanted). The sole purpose of the business was the idea of supplying in-depth training to a variety of dogs and dog owners.”

Call the staff at (239) 822-1285 to consult or book an appointment or visit the company website for more information on their dog training services. To visit H.K. Dog Training, go to their offices at 6146 Hershey Ave, Fort Myers, FL, 33905, US. 

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