Leading Personal Injury Attorney, Damoun Yazdi Advocates for Justice and Maximum Compensation

Costa Mesa, CA The Accident Network Law Group, a reputable law firm specializing in personal injury cases, is making waves in Riverside and Costa Mesa with their client-centric approach and relentless pursuit of justice. Led by experienced attorney Damoun Yazdi, the law firm stands out by providing personalized attention to clients and employing innovative strategies to secure maximum compensation for their cases.

Attorney Damoun Yazdi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of law. The following conversation was held with the attorney to get a better understanding behind how he runs his practice, and what makes his team different among the other law firms in California.

Can you share a brief background about yourself, your education, and your experience in the field of law?

“I Graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a B.S. in General Science, and a Minor in Business Administration. Thereafter, I moved to California where I dove into the legal field by taking a legal assistant job at a law firm, which was solely committed to helping people with personal injury matters. 

My passion in the legal field grew quickly while witnessing the injustices of the insurance companies, and their treatment of our clients. Shortly after I applied and was accepted into law school, where I started my journey to becoming a lawyer. My goal in pursuing a legal career was to help clients navigate their claims against insurance companies, so they do not get taken advantage of.

During my journey, I worked as a Law Clerk at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office conducting Preliminary Hearings in criminal cases. During my time working at the District Attorney’s Office, I gained valuable experience in the courtroom and trial skills, which translate to my cases today.”

What inspired you to establish your own law firm, and how did you decide on its focus in injury law?

“The reason I started The Accident Network Law Group, was because I wanted to have a boutique law firm so I could work more closely with my clients. In my experience the bigger the law firm, the less the clients interact with the attorney handling their case. 

In some instances, clients need to be informed and be in communication with their attorney on a regular basis. In most cases, clients don’t get that experience with a bigger law firm. At The Accident Network Law Group, it is our goal to make the process as easy as possible for our clients and always be in communication with them….”

How does your law firm stand out from others in Riverside and Costa Mesa, CA, in terms of its approach to injury cases?

“There are different aspects of a case for which we standout against other firms. 

When it comes to auto accident cases, property damage or damage to one’s vehicle or personal items, becomes a focal point by the insurance company. The at fault parties’ insurance company calls the client relentlessly to get the clients vehicle to an insurance preferred shop, or offer a low-ball payment for damage they only visually see on the client’s vehicle, without doing a proper teardown of the vehicle. 

Most of these auto body shops do the bare minimum in assessing and fixing one’s vehicle. That is where we come in and make sure that our clients are not taken advantage of during this process. Most law firms do not deal with the property damage portion of one’s case. However, at our firm, we also handle the property damage portion of our clients claim, should they choose, at no additional cost to them. As such, we make sure our clients case gets the proper treatment from A-Z, without cutting corners. 

Secondly, when it comes to litigation or trial, we are not shy in bringing in the best in the industry to join our team to help fight against insurance companies. Our philosophy is the bigger our team on a claim, the stronger we can fight for our clients. This again is at no extra cost to our clients. 

By utilizing these strategies, we get proper justice for our clients, and maximize their compensation.”

What types of cases does your law firm specialize in, and can you share some specific examples or success stories?

“Our firm handles Personal Injury cases where another party is negligent. Basically, if you’ve been injured or wronged by another. Personal Injury cases can be dog bites, automobile (i.e. truck, rideshare accidents) bicycle accidents, brain injuries, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, slip and fall, workers compensation and wrongful death…

A recent success story I can share, a client came to us as a victim of a motorcycle accident. The injuries to our client were severe and required multiple surgeries, and weeks of rehabilitation and treatments at the hospital. The at fault parties’ insurance company denied our clients claim based on a light dispute. The police report was also not favorable to our client. However, after months and months of fighting with the fault party’s insurance company, and providing expert evidence against their position, they agreed to pay a 7-figure settlement to our client.”

How do you stay up-to-date with changes in injury law and integrate these developments into your practice?

“Both myself and my team stay informed by our memberships to different organizations in the legal field. Organizations such as the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Los Angeles County Bar Associations, and Riverside Bar Associations, are just a few that we have participated in. These organizations provide immense up to date lectures and continuing education to my team in the personal injury field. 

We also attend specific yearly conferences such as the Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, which include education and lectures form the best medical experts in the field relating to brain and spine injuries.”

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