Manhattan Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Discusses 5 Things Not To Do During a Child Custody Case

Manhattan divorce attorney Juan Luciano ( of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer has released an article detailing five things that parents should avoid during a child custody case. The article, titled “5 Things Not To Do During A Child Custody Case,” aims to provide guidance to parents going through a divorce and navigating the complex process of determining child custody.

As a Manhattan divorce attorney, Juan Luciano understands the emotional and legal challenges involved in child custody cases. In the article, he highlights common mistakes that parents make during these cases and explains how these mistakes can have negative consequences.

According to the Manhattan divorce attorney, one of the most common mistakes parents make during a child custody case is talking negatively about the other parent in front of their children. “This can have a devastating impact on the child’s emotional well-being and can even be used against you in court,” says Juan Luciano. “It’s important to keep your emotions in check and focus on creating a positive and stable environment for your children.”

Another mistake that parents often make is failing to comply with court orders. “If you violate a court order, you can face serious consequences, including losing custody of your children,” warns Juan Luciano. “It’s important to follow court orders and work with your attorney to address any issues or concerns you have.”

Juan Luciano also advises against using social media during a child custody case. “Social media can be a double-edged sword,” says Juan Luciano. “While it can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, it can also be used against you in court. Be careful about what you post online and avoid sharing anything that could be construed as negative or damaging.”

In addition to these common mistakes, Juan Luciano also cautions against making unilateral decisions about their children without consulting with the other parent or the court, and against involving their children in legal proceedings.

Overall, the article aims to provide guidance to parents going through a child custody case and help them avoid common mistakes that can have negative consequences.

Child custody disputes are often considered one of the most challenging aspects of divorce by both parents. In such cases, each parent desires to have their children with them as much as possible. The determination of custody matters in New York courts is primarily based on the child’s best interests. It is noteworthy that a parent’s imperfections in parenting would not necessarily result in them losing their parental rights. However, courts have the legal power to declare a parent ineligible and restrict their contact with the child if they are deemed unfit.

“Child custody cases are often emotionally charged and can be difficult to navigate,” says Juan Luciano. “By avoiding these common mistakes and working with an experienced attorney, parents can protect their rights and create a positive environment for their children.”

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