Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Paul J. Tafelski Discusses Breath Tests and DUI Probation in Michigan

Michigan criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/blog/breath-tests-and-dui-probation-in-michigan/) of Michigan Defense Law has released an article addressing the topic of breath tests and DUI probation in Michigan. The article provides insights into how breath tests are administered and how they can affect DUI probation.

In the article, Michigan criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski explains that breath tests are a common tool used by law enforcement to determine the level of alcohol in a driver’s system. He further explains that the results of breath tests can be used as evidence in DUI cases, which can have serious consequences for those accused of drunk driving.

According to the Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney, “Breath tests are not infallible, and they can be challenged in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help defendants navigate the legal system and ensure that their rights are protected.”

The article also delves into how breath tests can affect DUI probation. Michigan criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski explains that DUI probation can be a complex process, and that the results of a breath test can impact a defendant’s ability to comply with the terms of their probation.

Paul J. Tafelski advises, “It is important for individuals facing DUI charges to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the nuances of DUI probation and can help ensure that they are able to meet the requirements of their probation.”

According to Michigan criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski, anyone convicted of DUI in Michigan, regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, must pay a court assessment fee. “If convicted of a felony DUI, you will owe $130.00, while a misdemeanor DUI will cost $75.00. This fee is utilized to cover the victim’s legal services,” Tafelski explained. Additionally, those sentenced to probation in circuit court must also pay a probation supervision fee of $30.00, which is multiplied based on the length of probation in months. Tafelski emphasized that it is crucial to hire an experienced DUI lawyer when facing these charges, as they may be able to help protect a defendant’s rights and potentially avoid paying these fees.

Michigan criminal defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski’s article sheds light on the importance of understanding the role of breath tests in DUI cases and how they can impact DUI probation. As such, those facing DUI charges in Michigan are urged to seek the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney to protect their rights and navigate the legal system.

Due to the reduced legal safeguards in a probation violation hearing, it is crucial to seek the aid of an experienced Michigan DWI defense attorney before a probation revocation hearing. The OWI defense attorney can assist in gathering evidence and constructing arguments to aid in avoiding the unjust revocation of probation following a failed breath test.

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