Published Author, Speaker, and Consultant, Susan Renni Anderson Helps Leaders to Empower, Inspire and Offer Value via Servant Leadership

Susan Renni Anderson helps an organization’s leadership create an environment where everyone within the organization-senior leaders, managers, and frontline workers alike-believe in the power of Servant Leadership as a path to business success.

Servant Leadership:

• Creates a safe environment where people aren’t afraid to fail.

• Builds a culture of trust. Without trust, everyone will be focused on survival rather than success.

• Inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and  become more.

• Millennials and GenZs are drawn to this leadership style, and they make up 46 percent of today’s workforce

The end result of this type of leadership enriches the lives of individuals and creates more productive workplaces, grows better and more sustainable organizations, and develops high-performing people. Servant Leadership gives people the chance to feel significant seven days a week . . . not just on weekends.

This Servant Leadership upskill will help put clients in a customer-centric mindset. Customer-centricity done right results in an organization’s customers trusting they will not only get what they want and need from a company but will also experience enjoyable and frictionless service. These experiences delight and build trust that helps to retain customers for the long haul.

If you think Servant Leadership is soft, consider the U. S. Army and Marine Corps. These organizations have strong cultures and shared values, understand the importance of teamwork, create trust among their members, maintain focus, and, most importantly, understand the importance of people and relationships to their mission success. These organizations are also in a position where the cost of failure can be catastrophic. Mission failure is not an option.

Author of ‘The Path to Servant Leadership: A 12-Month Guide to Implementation’

According to Goodreads there are more than 36,000 books on leadership and there are 450 or so books on Servant Leadership. They are primarily the “WHAT”; and the “WHY”; of Servant Leadership. 

Until now there have been no books on “HOW”  to implement Servant Leadership in an established enterprise.  ‘The Path to Servant Leadership: A 12-Month Guide to Implementation’ provides readers a step-by-step roadmap to create a thriving culture with soaring customer satisfaction and continuously higher profits. 

The book is used as a companion to Susan’s Consulting and Coaching Program.

5-Star Testimonial

“This is a comprehensive, thorough, and well-researched treatment of servant leadership.  Susan takes you by the hand step by step through an understanding of servant leadership and a path to implementation. Every serious leader should read and incorporate it.” Dave Kahle, B2B Sales

Expert and Author of ‘The Good Book On Business’

About Susan Renni Anderson 

With 30 years’ experience coaching business leaders, Susan adds value to her clients as a Change Practitioner. 

Working together in a 12-month coaching program, Susan helps clients implement Servant Leadership, step-by-step, month-by-month. The result is always the development of high-performance teams headed by departmental servant leaders.

According to Susan, “The type of motivation that comes from a well-organized and empowering workplace can instill a sense of trust and confidence, which will gain positive results.”

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